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Ethiprint is a dedicated supplier to the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets for:

  • Hard temper foils for blister packs
  • Paper/foil laminates for sachets
  • Child resistant specifications for blister packs
  • Soft temper foils for strip packs
  • Foil laminates for surgical blades
  • Coated papers for medical devices
  • PET/Foil/PE laminates for flow-wrap and pouches
  • Mono and coated PVC films for blister packs
  • Cold Form
  • PVC/PE laminates for suppositories

Full product traceability, product segregation, line clearance and avoidance of admixture are all part of Ethiprint's quality processes. Where possible all contact packaging materials sourced by Ethiprint are FDA Approved and Drug Master Files are available.

If you have any special requirements, we will be pleased to discuss them with you and help find a solution for your needs.

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